Tiki Diablo
Image of Tambu in Kon Tiki Ports Glaze

Tambu in Kon Tiki Ports Glaze

$350.00 - Sold out

One per customer please.

The O.G. Tambu from 2005 is long sold out, so we give you.... the 2022 Tambu!!!

These are very labor-intensive to make, and still going to be limited.
There will be 100 total, with 4 variants. These are the second batch of 25.

*These are all hand made and hand painted, by us- so if you are looking at your mugs with a magnifying glass, there won't be pixels, but they WON"T BE PERFECT, we are humans.

10" tall and holds a little over 16oz

Hand wash, food safe and super friggin' cool.
Made in Los Angeles

If you have a mug shopping addiction, please close this window, there will always be new mugs, and you do not need every one of them...
So unless we ☠️ drop dead tomorrow ⚰️ there will always be another chance to purchase...but we do hope to live a long time 🤞🏽🍀🧧

Also if you're here, you are already aware we have slow shipping.
I am sorry, please come help me pack, I need it, I will pay you.

Note for collectors, If you own an O.G. Tambu from 2005, you will be able to differentiate them as those are all hand painted with 1Shot.
The colors on the original also differ.

Ships insured.
Flipping is discouraged but we ain't the boss of you.

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